Bread from Heaven

Bread from heaven is a project of life born in the heart of God for this time. Venezuelan children are going through hard times, there is a high index of malnutrition.
Work plan
Capture: It will be done through the control of the child's weight and height. Interviews: Investigate the socioeconomic causes of families, stability of ties, eating habits of children and identification of the reasons why the child needs to attend the dining room. Recovery: The recovery of the children will be carried out through programmed controls which will be supervised by nutritionists, pediatricians, and trained personnel. Goal: That is to see all those children who initially started with a problem of malnutrition and then see them healthy and healthy, there is no greater achievement and greater reward than the smile of a healthy child.


  • Use kitchen in situ
  • Make the menu according to the profile of the diners
  • Establish the food sequence according to each age group
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